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International Leadership

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Why KPN International:
• Combined datacenter and
network capabilities
• Quality of relationship
• Quality of reporting/
• Transparency
• Agile global networking,
smart reporting, datacenter
• Dedicated firewall services
• Dedicated internet access
• Housing
• Managed Internet access
• Secure IP VPN
• Full service management
• Off-net access
• Smart reporting

The Situation

Mammoet specializes in heavy lifting and transportation. When exceptionally large, hazardous or environmentally challenging salvage or engineering is needed, Mammoet equipment and expertise is ready. They were instrumental in raising the Russian submarine Kursk in 2000, and more recently, in safely managing the recovery of the Waldhof sulfuric acid tanker on the Rhine.

Mammoet is also active in construction: in 2008 they used the strongest telescopic crane in the world to fit the new mast structure on KPN’s telecommunications tower.

With almost 3,500 employees in 70 locations worldwide, the company’s operating model is designed around its ability to achieve the highest level of quality and safety, drawing on the expertise of its operational and engineering teams around the world.

Agility and Availability

Mammoet relies on network agility and availability. Because their services can be required at short notice at any location worldwide, they must be able to establish effective communications and application access or field operations and global support functions instantly.

Mobile telecommunications have an important role to play, but fixed line access remains essential. The Mammoet proposition is built around immediate access to expertise and experience in complex engineering challenges: communication and data access are critical.

Network quality cannot be compromised, but for Mammoet, the performance of company data center resources is equally critical. The company has three data centers located in Haarlem (NL), Houston, and Tokyo.

This datacenter distribution offers full redundancy and maximized performance, ensuring that access to data can be sustained to the same high standards from any location.

Mammoet and KPN International

Mammoet first engaged KPN International eight years ago with a contract for pure connectivity.

In 2007, Mammoet began a program to optimize network usage and data access. The company was continuing to grow, and needed to extend its managed network coverage from 20 to 80 sites. At the same time, its datacenters required review and modernization.

KPN International was successful in its bid for this extended contract. Success was due to a combination of networking and datacenter services. Working closely with Mammoet’s specialists, KPN International managed all networking, power and ambient systems, together with physical racking in all three datacenters.

Mammoet chose KPN International for more than technical capability, as Hartger Brasjen, Manager ICT Infrastructure Services at Mammoet, points out: “We were keen to establish transparent pricing and reporting mechanisms. We wanted to achieve a like-for-like cost and performance view across all Mammoet facilities, including our datacenters.”

This would help minimize the burden of compliance. It would also enable Mammoet to monitor usage and plan more effectively. Consistent monthly reporting would point, for example, both to instances in which additional bandwidth was required, and to situations in which the network was over-engineered for requirement.

Active Intelligence

In the relationship between KPN International and Mammoet, the quality of reporting and intelligence has increased in importance.

Mammoet have made massive capital investments in their highly specialized lifting equipment. Their real differentiation, however, is their people. Being able to share ideas and experience, often under highly testing conditions, becomes a critical capability.

Recent advances in digital communications have become an essential part of Mammoet’s day-to-day toolkit. High-quality video conferencing, for example, can combine with CAD-CAM visualization to help lifting engineers on a rig in the South China Sea share ideas with colleagues on the other side of the world.

This demand for active intelligence means that established ideas on regular monitoring and reporting must change. Organizations need to know what is happening in real-time.

In November 2010, Mammoet and KPN International signed a five year contract renewal. The core services and scope remain largely unchanged. What is new, however, is this increased focus on active intelligence.

Active reporting using performance dashboards helps both parties pinpoint need as it occurs. This makes it possible for KPN International to respond immediately to dynamic requests from Mammoet, and increases precision in planning and billing.

Quality of Relationship

Although the services delivered by KPN International to Mammoet are heavily automated, personal relationships remain key.

The hub for Mammoet IT and telecommunications is in Schiedam (NL) with support from specialists in Houston, Texas. The technical teams of both companies have developed an open and highly-constructive relationship in the eight years since they began doing business together.

For KPN International, the ability to build and sustain strong personal relationships in business is differentiating. With a client like Mammoet, whose business can demand exceptional levels of agility, this is clearly appreciated. “Building relationships that work demands continuity between both commercial and technical teams,” explains Jan Soeteman, who has spent four years as manager the Mammoet account for KPN International: “It is that continuity which underpins our understanding of what each client needs.”

This continuity of relationship also ensures that active reporting is used intelligently. A service manager who knows the client well can make a real contribution in interpreting data and building an overall and actionable picture.